Friday, 5 March 2010

Make mine a double

So the weekend has rolled around again and its time to take out the glad rags or ubber expensive designer clobber! It seems like we expect quite alot from our poor little weekend?! It is after all only two days. As a nation we seem to expect a hell of a lot to happen in such a short time period. For example, take a lonely gal working in a dingey little shop in some back arse of nowhere rural town. She sits all week staring out of the window at people passing by wishing her week away in hopes of an amazingly life changing and interesting weekend!! Friday rolls around and she leaps from her chair, grabs her jacket and legs it out the door contemplating how long it will take to put on her fake tan. On arrival home, she prepares her outfit whilst simultaneously co-ordinating her eye-make up and hair accessories(women are great multi-taskers after all!). Into the cold night she goes with a final flick of her hair. Its down the local again! The scene greeting her is less than inspiring. All the under-kempt and underage boys of the town seem to have decided that this pub was the place to be tonight!!Her feelings of dejection and disappointment are almost palpable. This is what has kept her going all week, when the ratty old customers ranted on about her heavy garish make up and the "lack of decent teabags these days! ya just cant get them like ya used too...". As she sink into her chair she sees him standing by the bar. Tall dark and absolutely gorgeous this is what shes been waiting for. Finally, she musters up the courage to talk to him (after 3 yager bombs and two tequila shots). Unfortunately, at this stage she is so drunk she's forgot how to speak English! she gives it her all but he is less then impressed and swiftly departs. Oh dear shes done it again. This seems to be a repeat of last weekend, and the weekend before that, and come to think of it the weekend before that!!! Dejected she heads home to awake to a sore head and empty wallet! A lot of you may relate to this story. We have all been this lonely girl/guy at some point or another.We may feel a little lost when we wake up realizing that its the last day of the weekend and we are still on our own, none the wiser as to who our prince or princess maybe. We have two options we can either give up, accept our lonely existence and acquire a few dozen cats! Alternatively, we can pick ourselves up, go out and meet our mates and forget about the opposite sex because at the end of the day its only a weekend and we'll probably meet Mr. Right on a Tuesday or some other run of the mill day of the week in the supermarket dairy isle. If we treat our weekends for what they really are (just two more days in the week just like Monday and Tuesday) then maybe we'd be a lot better off, and a little less disappointed.

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