Friday, 26 March 2010

They just dont make men like they used too!

It seems its about as hard to get a decent man these days as it is to find a job!They just don't make them like they use too!They all seem to have left with the Celtic tiger. Oh we hear that they're out there all right! but where? How do we meet them? Is there some secret formula that were unaware of? We know their out there waiting for us, we read over the enticing job specification analyzing what exactly we think they're looking for. But alas we don't meet the requirements! Bitterly disappointed we move on and do it all again. I know, i know "if at first we don't succeed try and try again" and all that but how many times is enough. At what point do you say "ok thats it I'm becoming a hermit in some cave off Iceland?". If we could harness the energy wasted swooning over that perfect guy or job we could power the 02! So contemplate this for a moment, maybe our expectations are too high? How can they ever be met if they're too unrealistic in the first place? Know-one and nothing is perfect and never will be. We certainly aren't either!So think what I'm trying to say is "while you want that job spec to match your expectations when it comes to men, make sure your expectations match reality!".

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