Friday, 11 March 2011

Oh put them in the bin will you?!!!!

mmmm chocolate, I especially love those blue roses that have the creamy, silky, sweet caramel in the middle. "Aha there we are theres one more left in box!" Or maybe not?!! Actually, now that i think about it, there seems to be a serious shortage of tastey blue and purple ones.In fact, theres loads of those rotten, sickly sweet pink and orange ones! What sort of sales trick is this? Do they get you addicted to the bleedin things, then make sure there are only a few of the decent ones so you have to go out and buy another box so you can get your fix? There is a strong possibility that I'm right! Think about it? You open your roses whilst watching the latest episode of desperate housewives only to find youve scoffed all your favorite sweets last night, so you pass them to your boyfriend with a sneaky smile on your face because you know he thinks your being generous when you've actually already digested all the best ones! However, when you count the wrappers to see how many of each type of sweet are in the box, you find that theres a noticeable difference between them. In fact half the box consists of the manky orange and pink ones!!! tut tut its completely unfair. I shall be writing a letter to Cadburys inquiring as to why they insist on getting me completely addicted, and then bombarding me with the awfully manky ones so I'm forced to leave my comfy warm couch to face the perilous gale force winds of my seaside hometown to reach my local centra and a shiny new box of roses (half filled with stawberry and orange tripe!!!). Life can be so unfair.......but its so,so worth it!!Now wheres my jacket.........

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